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Here its popularity is increasing due to the many places located in Patiala which attract tourists for their rich cultural heritage. This fort is a stronghold of many forts and gardens like Mubarak Complex, Sheesh Mahal, Baradari Gardens, Fortress of the Castle, Rang Mahal, Majji The Sarai, Mal Road and Darbar Hall. Here are many other tourist attractions near Patiala like Samana, Banur, and Sanaur They are too much.





Baradari Gardens are situated in the north of the old Patiala city. As the name suggests, there are twelve entrances to enter. The park was built near the Baradari Palace, which initially was the residence of Emperor Rajinder Singh. They plant rare trees and flowers in this garden.At present, the Baradari Palace fills a collection of important historical documents. These gardens of Rajinder Singh's marble statue are preferred by all age groups.



The Fort Mubarak complex, a perfect example of Sikh Palace architecture, is one of the city's major tourist attractions. The entire city of Patiala is spreading around the fort complex. Built by Maharaja Ala Singh in 1764, this premise was the residence of the Patiala royal family until the construction of the Old Moti Bagh Palace.Parisar was originally built in the form of a clay castle or kachi house in approximately 10 acres of area and later In it was rebuilt as a concrete fort. The premises is divided into two parts - the inner part, the fort is called inside, and the outer part called the Darbar Hall.

Visitors 'gates, Shiv Mandir and shops, traditional jewelry and clothing sales attract tourists' attention. The architecture of this palace is a fine mix of North Mughal and Rajasthani style.


Behind the Moti Bagh Palace, Shisha Mahal, built in 1847 by Maharaja Narendra Singh, was the palace of the Maharaja of Patiala. This building is known as 'Palace of Mirrors' due to its attractive colorful glass and glass work.
There is a lake in front of the palace and a hammock across the lake, known as Lakshman Jhula, further enhances the beauty of this place. There is a museum in the palace, which has the largest collection of medals from various parts of the world.
The beautiful and elaborate artwork made on the walls and ceilings reflects the hard work of artists of Rajasthan and Kangra. Each year, many cultural programs and heritage festivals are held in the Sheesh Mahal.

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