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There are many places in and around this city which are part of the tour of Mohali tourism, such as the Noorpur Fort, which was built 900 years ago by Pathania Rajputs. Apart from this, Gurudwara Amb Sahib, Mansa Devi Mandir, Mohali Cricket Stadium, Sukhna Lake, Thunder Zone, Rock Garden city are very popular among tourists.Nabha Sahib and Gurudwara Bavli Sahib are the famous weekend destinations for tourists who visit Holidays in Mohali.



Gurdwara Amb Sahib of Mohali has a special historical and cultural significance. If you are going to Mohali then go definitely here. According to legends, Kabul's brother, Kuram Ji visited Amritsar to seek the blessings of Guru Gobind Singh, Guru Gobind Singh, Guru Arjun Dev Ji. While everyone was offering a gift to Guru Sahib, the empty man stood in front of him. Embarrassed by this, he kept Amb, who was given as a Prasad and wanted to give it to the teacher the next morning. Guru Arjun Dev Ji asked him to eat Prasad and promised him his sacrifice would definitely be accepted one day fulfill the promise of his grandfather Guru Arjun Dev Ji, the seventh Sikh Guru, Guru Har Rai Ji visited this Gurudwara. They planted a Mango tree here and since then this place has become known as Gurudwara Ambe Sahib.


About 19 km from Mohali, Mansa Devi temple is located in Panchkula district of Haryana. Mansa one dedicated to the goddess this famous Hindu pilgrimage site in northern India is the most important power temples. This temple was constructed by Maharaja Gopal Singh of Money Mazra during 1811-1815.The main temple then Patiala Maharaja Karam Singh in 1840, built 200 km from Patiala temple. Mansa Devi Temple is devotees in millions of on the occasion of Navratri and walking this course in the tourist sites around Mohali.


Mohali Cricket Stadium was first known as Punjab Cricket Association Stadium. It is one of India's largest stadiums. Built in 1993, this stunning stadium is well equipped with world class amenities. There is a large place for practice and about 45 thousand people can sit and enjoy the match. Mohali Cricket Stadium is also counted in some of the finest places to train state cricketers.On November 22, 1993, the first international ODI match between India and South Africa was played during the Hero Cup. After this, the first Test match was played between India and West Indies in December 1994. Today the stadium is the home ground of IPL team Kings XI Punjab. This stadium located on the outskirts of Chandigarh should make tourists travel.

Gurudwara Nada Sahib is located on Panchkula's Ghargar river grocery. It is a famous Sikh pilgrimage and is about 23 km from Mohali. It is believed that after the battle of Bhangani in 1968, when Guru Gobind Singh Ji was going to Anandpur Sahib, he stayed in this Gurdwara.A rural named Nadu Shah Lubana imposed himself in the service of Guru Sahib and his followers. Impressed by his dedication, Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave him the name of this place on his name. Later, Bhai Moth Singh discovered this place and made a platform at this place to pay homage to Guru Gobind Singh Ji's visit.In 1956 Shiromani Gurudwara Management Committee took control of this gurudwara. At present, the Nada Sahib complex has a two-storeyed domed structure, a large meeting hall, spacious courtyard, anchor hall and rooms for devotees. If you are in Mohali and you have enough time, then you will definitely visit this Gurdwara.


The holy pilgrimage place of Sikhs is situated on the Patiala-Jirakpur highway in Nabha Sahib Mohali district. After hanging Guru Teg Bahadur Ji, he was cremated at Anandpur Sahib. It is believed that brother Jaita collected his bone and at that request of a Muslim saint and follower of Guru Sahib, he kept that bone at the place of this guru. There is also the Mazar of that Muslim Fakir beside the gurudwara.

After the battle of Bhangani, in 1688, Guru Govind Singh Ji visited Nabha Sahib to pay homage to his father Guru Tegh Bahadur. Banda Singh also visited this Gurudwara in 1709 to show respect for Guru Sahib and Muslim fakir. The existence of this gurudwara comes from 1695 and here every year a large number of Sikh pilgrims come.


Gurudwara Bawali Sahib situated on the Jirakpur-Kalka Highway in Mohali is a famous pilgrimage site. According to a popular belief, a descendant of Baba Gurditta Ji meditated here for years. When Guru Gobind Singh Ji came to know about this, he stayed here in order to go to Anandpur Sahib after the battle of Bhangani.
The Sikh follower requested Guru Sahib to restore the water supply to the well for the villagers. Guru Gobind Singh Ji ran an arrow on the ground to fulfill his wish. A place where the arrows took place became a shallow well.
Later, the holy place was built at this holy place and was named Gurudwara Bawlali Sahib. On a new day, a large number of devotees come here from all over the country and take a dip in the sacred water of Bali. This Gurudwara has a special religious significance in the Sikh community, and if you are in Mohali, then if you are in Mohali, then surely you must go here.


Sukna Lake situated on the Shivalik Mountain range in the city of Chandigarh is a picturesque place. This man-made lake stretches up to 3 km. It was constructed in 1958 by constructing a dam on the water coming down from Shivalik hill. The natural beauty of this lake attracts a large number of pedestrians, photographers, and painters. The Asian Rowing Championships were also organized in Sukhna Lake. This lake is also famous as Asia's longest rowing and yachting channel. This lake is also very popular for other water sports activities, such as skiing, surfing and skulking.

During the cold, foreign migrant birds also come in large numbers, making it an ideal place for birdwatching. In the refined atmosphere of the lake you can go for picnicking, boating and meditation.


Thunder Zone is just 4 km from Mohali and it is considered the best amusement park in northern India. This park, spread over an area of 11 acres of natural beauty, was inaugurated on May 15, 2002. You can enjoy 12 types of exciting rides including Octopus, Columbus, Sun & Moon and Caterpillar here.Other exciting rides in Thunder Zone include Music Bob, Striking Car, Spot, Boat Club and Swing Chair. You must definitely try to get to this wonderful place of fun while you go to Mohali.

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