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Devi Talab Mandir

This temple of the goddess is located at a distance from the railway station. This temple has been repaired again. And again this temple was built. The building of this temple has been built like the model of the Amarnath temple. There is another temple near the Goddess Temple. This temple is of Kali. Made of gold, this temple of Goddess Talab is famous for the Harivallabh music conference. This conference takes place in December every year. Apart from this, this conference has been organized for the last 125 years.


Shiva Mandir

This temple is situated near the Guru Mandi, Imam Naseer Makbar. It is believed that this temple was constructed by Nawab Sultanpur Lodi. The architecture of this temple is comprised of both Hindu and Muslim styles. The main gate of this temple is built in the style of the mosque. It is believed that the Nawab of Jalandhar had married a bride, who was a devotee of Lord Shiva.


Sodal Mandir

Thousands of devotees come here on the occasion of Anand Chaturdashi, coming in September. It is believed that those who do not have children come to this temple and pray for their child's attainment.


Jama Masjid Dargah Imam Nasir

The tomb of Imam Naseer is about eight hundred years old. Near it is the Jama Masjid. It is said that this mosque is four hundred years old. Apart from this, the Jama Masjid is also famous for its architecture.


Tulsi Mandir

This temple is named after Vrinda, who was Jalandhar's wife. This temple is located on a few quarters of Kishen. Which is now known as Tulsi temple This temple has a tank on one side. It is said that Jalandhar used to bathe at this place. There is also a cave temple at a distance from the temple. The temple of Annapurna is established in this temple. Also nearby is the Brahma Kund.

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