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Raison, 16 km from Kullu Located on the banks of the Vyas river at an altitude of 1433 meters above sea level, which is situated far away. This is a small village known for white water river rafting. There are many orchards of apple, plum, and apricot. This place, famous for its natural beauty, becomes very colorful in the winter season and with thousands of beautiful flowers, there are four moons in the beauty of the litigants.

The main attraction of Raisan is the Rajendra Prasad Eye Science Center, where summer camp is organized every year. Many types of eye diseases are treated in this camp. The Raghunath temple here is a famous religious place among Hindus dedicated to Lord Rama. In the year thousands of pilgrims visit the temple.
Let's go to Raison to visit the Jagannathi Devi temple, which is another attraction here. Distance from Kullu of this temple 3 km is. The architecture of this temple is very beautiful. Visitors can visit the places of Kullu, Manali, Naggar, Bhatnagar and Palampur.
Raisan can be easily reached by air travel, rail travel, and road travel. Raison does not have airport and railway station. On arrival from the plane and rail, tourists will have to come to Kulla and from there, the raison can be reached via bus. Travelers coming from the flight come to Kullu, it is a national airport that flies to many cities of the country.
Many taxis are parked outside the airport, which bring the ration up to the prices. Raisen distance from Kullu is 21 km Is almost. Many buses are available from Kullu for road travel. Both private and government buses run to reach Raisan. Raisan season is good throughout the year in which tourists can visit.
In summer, the temperature remains at 35 degrees Celsius and the minimum is 25 degree Celsius. Rainfall is good during monsoon, during this time tourists can come easily to visit.
In Raisan, the mercury in the winter extends to 0 degree Celsius. If there is the sunshine, the temperature goes up to 25 degrees Celsius during the day. Do not forget to bring woolen cloth together in this season. Tourists are advised not to resort to rains during the winter season, as tourists who are not at low temperature can also come and get sick.We assure you of better convenience We promise to give you better facilities so that you can enjoy the pleasure without any inconvenience Our Service is better than other visit our website


The origin of the diameter kund is derived from the river Vyas. Vyas river is also the Famous Tourist Spot of Manali. Diameter Kund is the center of attraction for tourists. It is said that bath here removes skin diseases. According to the local Kavan-Tini yon, the sage used to come and drink in the pool.Diameter Kund is formed like an igloo as stones are formed. On arrival, tourists can also visit the nearby shopping camps, Shishthar Peak, Hanuman Tivwa Peak and Warrior Peak.We assure you of better convenience We promise to give you better facilities so that you can enjoy the pleasure without any inconvenience Our Service is better than other visits our website www.hiremecabs.co100% Service satisfaction  Client Reliability Safe & Smooth Trips  No Commission or agents Responsible & Reliable  Large fleet of vehicles Professional Staff   You can book your cab on our website i.e you can also call us at +91 8716988888,9316502800


This temple is the most popular place in Manali. This temple is built in a cave, which is dedicated to Goddess Hidamba. Goddess Hidamba was the sister of Hidumbba. This temple is situated on the foothills of the Himalayas, around which there is greenery and the forest of Saddar. This temple was constructed in 1553 AD in a stone.



Raghunath temple is a major religious place in Manali, which is dedicated to Hindu God, Raghunath ji. It is said that the statue installed in the temple has been taken from the temple in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. According to local belief, this idol was once used by Ram, the seventh incarnation of Hindu god Vishnu, of conservation. This temple was constructed in 1650 AD.


This pass is the world's tallest road, where millions of tourists visit every year to visit this laugh mountain. This pass is situated at a height of 4111 meters from sea level, from which there is a great view of Manali. The distance from Manali to 51 km From here, there is a great view of hills, beautiful scenery land and glacier. In addition to all these tourist attractions, tourist trekking, mountain biking, paragliding, and skiing can also be done.
It opens for tourists in the month of May in the month of May and is closed due to heavy snowfall in September. Journey through here can be fatal. Tourists here have to get permissions from the army for the visit.


  • Solang Ghati Manali By Cab Hire

The Solang Valley is the famous and nomadic tourist destination of Manali. Located at an altitude of 300 meters, this valley enhances tourists' attention. This valley is also known as Snow Point. This diamond is located in the middle of the Kund and the Solang valley. During the tourists, tourists participate in the skiing competition organized here. This competition is organized by the name of Winter Skiing Festival during winter. Tourists can enjoy parlor walking, jawing, and horseback riding.
There is also a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is situated on the top of the hill, in which thousands of tourists visit the city every year.


Gulab is a beautiful place which is 20 km from Manali. Is located at a distance. This place is closed during the winter because due to heavy snowfall the blocks are blocked here. But the route from Manali to Rohtang is open till February end and early March, which passes through the Gulba.Come here and enjoy a lot of tourist snowfall. Visitors can see the wonderful views of the mountains and the road with snowfall.It is said that this place has been named in honor of Raja Gulab Singh of Jammu and Kashmir, who had been camping during this attack on China at this place.


Jana Falls, located in Manali, is located in the village which is 35 km from Manali. Is located at a distance. The go waterfall is made of a cluster of three waterfalls i.e. three waterfalls flow simultaneously. Two of these water flows flutter on the other and on the other, while the third waterfall flows on the side of the road.These three remain tourist attractions. It is located in the nearby Braabura valley, surrounded by snow-clad forests and tourists get a spectacular view from here.

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