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Dal Lake 

Dal Lake, 11 km away from Dharamshala and 1775 meters above sea level, is a major tourist destination. Surrounded by a forest of lush pine trees, the lake is located between McLeodganj and Nadi village. The lake here Karti also serve as a base camp for the coming trekkers have held an annual fair in the lakeside September each year is a major attraction of the area. About this lake is also believed that anyone with taking a dip in the lake will be the prevention of all his suffering will only receive the Lord Shiva's grace. At the same time near the lake is a great place for a temple visit is said that the temple is dedicated to the sage Durvasa. if You want to Visit Dal Jheel you can book easily cab with HireMeCabs We assure you of better convenience We promise to give you better facilities so that you can enjoy the pleasure without any inconvenience Our  Service is better than other visit our website

Haripur-Guler, Kangra

The most popular among the tourists, Haripur-Gular, which is known for its heritage of Guler principality, is the twin township located in Kangra district. Among the two city art enthusiasts, the two are famous for traditional Kangra and Hill paintings.Different styles and techniques of painting style of Gular flourish in local families. Haripur sea level is located at an elevation of 1811 feet and is separated from Guler by a small river.Stream flowing from between Haripur and Guler forms wetland, which has been declared as Ramsar Wetland site because migratory birds come here in large numbers during winter.Several caves, a ruined fort, and some temples built by King Hari Chand add to the attraction here.

Kangra Fort, Kangra 

The Kangra Fort is also known as the city coat. Which was constructed by the main Sahi family of Kangra Located at an altitude of 350 feet above sea level, this fort is spread over an area of 4 kilometers. Where this fort is situated today, it is also called old Kangra. It is situated at a distance of 3 kilometers from the city of Kanga, as well as beautiful as the fort is its historical significance. The description of this fort is also in Mahabharata and it has been said that even though the great Greek ruler Alexander invaded here, this fort was also present here.This fort is surrounded by two major rivers, Banganga and Manjhi. This fort is surrounded by two huge and thick walls. To go to this fort, first, the visitor will have to pass through a small verandah where two corpses of the fort will fall in its path. It is said that this fort is of the Sikh period and it is also known as Pattak or Ranjit Singh Gate.The person on the top of this fort can go through Ahini and Amiri Ahini. The first Governor of Kangra, Nawab Alif Khan, built the doors of this fort. Visitors coming here can also see the tower of the watch tower, Lakshmi Narayan temple, and Adinath temple.if You want to Visit Kangra Fortl you can book easily cab with HireMeCabs visit

Macchiral Dharamshala 

Macchiral is a beautiful tourist destination which is situated 20 kilometers away from Dharamsala. This waterfall brings the visitors coming here closer to nature because this place is very quiet and charming. This place is a popular picnic spot. This place is located on the Dharamshala-Pathankot road, taxis are good options for visiting this place. Macchiral the  beautiful tourist destination  enjoy with Hiremecabs and make your journey memorable with us visit

Paragliding, Beer

Paragliding is the most exciting and adventurous activity that can be done in Bir. This place is known as Paragliding Capital of India, and this place serves as an important takeoff site for paragliding. The location of lending is the billing, which is 14 kilometers away from Bir. Training is required for paragliding and no newbie can make it. There are several private tour operators in Bir which provide necessary basic equipment and training for paragliding. In the month of October, the Department of Tourism, Civil Aviation and the Himachal Pradesh Government organize the Paragliding Pre World Cup competition here. People interested in paragliding can do paragliding between March to May and October to November. This time the weather is friendly and pleasant. Beautiful and Adventures tourist destination  enjoy with Hiremecabs and make your journey memorable with us visit

Shiva Mandir Kangra

Shiva Mandir is a popular tourist spot located in Kathgarh in Kangra district. It is 54.7 km from Dharamsala and 181 kilometers from Shimla. Visitors come to Kathgarh for the worship of Hindu Lord Shiva in this famous temple.
There is a large Shivlingam in this temple, which is divided into two vertical parts. Lord Shiva and the small part of the large part are worshiped as Parvati Devi.The distance between both Shivalingaam increases or decreases according to the weather. According to legends, Hindu Gods, Vishnu, and Brahma once fought to establish their superiority.So Lord Shiva interrupted his fight through the fire column and people believe that this fire pillar is present in the form of Shivlinging.Shiva Mandir is religious & beautiful tourist destination  enjoy with Hiremecabs and make your journey memorable with us visit


St. John's Church

St. John's Church, dedicated to St. John, is the principal tourist destination of Dharamsala, which is located in Forsithaganj. Founded in 1852, this church is built in the Neo-Gothic style of architecture. This church is widely praised for its Belgian colored glass windows donated by Lady Elgin, wife of the then Viceroy of India.The Clock Tower of this church was destroyed in a large earthquake in 1905, after which a new clock tower was brought from England which was established in 1915. John Church is also popular as Lord Elgin Memorial (Memorial).

Kareri Lake

Kareri Lake, situated at an elevation of 2934 meters above sea level, is a popular tourist destination in Kangra. Melting snow from Dhauladhar Range fills this lake. Situated at a distance of 9 km from Dharamsala, a beautiful trekking route from this lake runs out to the Dhauladhar Mountains. Its name lies on the nearby Kareri village, which is 9 km to the southeast direction. Kareri Lake offers spectacular views of Dauladhar Mountain and Mankanni Peak. A passenger can reach from the ghat to this lake by 3 km hiking. An alternative route for the lake from Karerei village is in the form of a 13 km hiking.Beautiful tourist destination  enjoy with Hiremecabs and make your journey memorable with us visit


Hanuman's Tibbals is a prominent tourist attraction center near Dharamsala, which is located at an altitude of 5639 meters above sea level, it is said that it is located in front of Macloidganj. This place, situated at the highest point of the Daulatdhar ranges, Not less than the views are seen from here can be anybody's mind.Apart from this, the popular Hanuman dunes in the form of 'White Mountain' provides a classic trekking route to the visitors. The panoramic Pir Panjal ranges can also be taken from here.

Triund Hill

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