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Travel Destination From Agra By Car 

 Mariam Tomb By Car

Mary Jamiani was the daughter of Ajmer's King Bharmal Kachwaha. He was married to Mughal emperor Akbar. After a long wait, when he gave birth to Akbar's son Salim, Akbar gave him the title of Mary Jamiani, which means-Merciful for the world. Later it was known as Salim Jahangir. Mary Jamiani died in 1623 in Agra and her son Jahangir constructed a tomb for him. It is located in Sikandra, near the tomb of his father Akbar. This tomb was completed in four years between 1623 and 1627. This square mausoleum is situated in a garden and there are two corridors in the middle. The roof of the tomb is vaulted and it is constructed on a large circle, which is hinged on a large pillar. It has been constructed with lime of brick and marble. Four large umbrellas present on four corners extend its beauty. This mausoleum made in Mughal architectural style is a fine example of 'without a domed tomb'.


Mahtab Bagh By Car

Mahtab Bagh means the garden of moonlight. Spread over 25 acres on the banks of river Yamuna, the construction of this orchard was made between 1631 and 1635. The Taj Mahal is symmetric because its width is exactly the same as the width of the Taj Mahal. There is a large octagonal pond in the middle of the garden, in which the reflection of the Taj Mahal is formed. Tourist can admire the unique sixth of the Taj Mahal from this garden. The water was brought from the nearby waterfall for this pond. Although unfortunately, this garden has been in the grip of floods coming from the Mughal period to Yamuna river. Due to this, the beauty of the garden has vanished and it has been ruined. Due to flood, only one of the four sandstone columns in the garden is safe. Of these, the foundation of the two pillars located in the north and south of the pond can still be seen today. It is believed that this is likely to be the pavilion of this garden.


Tomb of Etmadad Daula, Agra

Jahangir, son of Mughal emperor Akbar, gave the title of Atmadud Daula to Mirza Gias Beg, father of his Begum Noorjahan. The tomb of Atmadud Daula and his wife Asmat Jatra from 1622 to 1628 was built by his daughter Noorjahan. Looking at the magnificence and glory of this tomb, it seems that it is the predecessor or draft of the Taj Mahal. For this reason it is also called Baby Taj and Jewel Box. This mausoleum, built in 23 square meters, is located on the eastern bank of Yamuna River. It is just 2 km away from the Ram Bagh Circle on NH-2. This tomb has been built on the red stone column between the four Gardens, known as Parisian Garden. In this garden, several streams of shallow and flowing water flows, which not only divides the garden into four parts, but also enhances its beauty.Our drivers are skilled and experienced for further information visit our website and contact us +91 8716988888,9316502800.Hiremecabs gives you best ride experience from Delhi from India Gate without any inconvenience, they are also on the reasonable price Our drivers are skilled and experienced for further information visit our website and contact us +91 8716988888,9316502800.


Chini Ka Rauza

It is a tomb and it is named after the colorful Chinese tiles used mainly in it. Sugar is a result of the imagination of the great scholar and poet and the prime minister of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, Mullah Shukrullah Shirazi. Built in 1935, this mausoleum is on the banks of the river Yamuna and is one km away from the tomb of Atamadud Daula. This was the first of its kind in India, in which elaborate glazed glass tiles were used. Therefore, it has the distinction of being the historic site of Indian and Persian architectural styles in India. The tomb has been constructed in a rectangular shape and mainly uses brownstone. Its wall is decorated with colored tiles and signs of Islamic handwriting can be seen on them. The middle part of the tomb is an octagonal shape, in which there are eight curved caves. The biggest feature of this mausoleum is its round-shaped Afghan dome, on which the holy Islamic words are written. Unfortunately, this Tomb has now been quite rotten, yet it displays its original splendor.If you also want to enjoy Delhi sightseeing then book an online cab and taxi with Hire Me Cab for further information please visit our website and contact us +91 8716988888,9316502800

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