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Panchpula Dalhousie 

Panchpura means - Five bridges A famous tourist destination is 3 km from Dalhousie Is located at a distance. This place is famous for the gusting streams flowing here. Panchpura is the main water source of Dalhousie. From here on, all the city is supplied with clean and drinking water. Here mainly the Dalhousie and balloon are sent water. This water stream is derived from the northern part of Dayakunda, which passes through Abbe and goes further with the water sources of Pachpula. 

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Kynance - Dalhousie 

This is a residential building, which is Dalhousie's main heritage site. This building was constructed in 1933 by Dr. N.R. of Lahore. Dharam Veer was built. Renowned Indian freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose had lived with Dharnavir for nearly 7 months, during which time his health was poor and he had to travel to some natural place to recover from the disease.
This building often forgets to identify the tourist and it is difficult for them to reach here. To reach here, look closely at Dalhousie's sign board and visit the correct address of the building. This building is situated 50 meters from Gandhi Chowk. From where the tourists can also travel by foot.


Church of St. Francis 

Church of St. Francis was built in 1894, which was initiated by Dalhousie's tourist destinations. The architecture of this church was created to match the famous Church of England. The construction of this church was collected by the officers of the capital and the citizens of the area. At present, the church is maintained and managed by the Catholic Diocese of Jalandhar. The beautiful work of glass and stone in the church has been done, with the attention of tourists going by themselves.
Every Sunday a festival is celebrated in the church in which a large number of people gather and participate. This church is 1 km from Subhash Chowk of Dalhousie. Is located at a distance. Tourists can come from bus or taxi here. It takes about an hour to roam the whole church. This church is located in the center of St. Andrew's Church and Subhash Baoli as the other destination.


Khajjar Lake

Khajjar is for the only and only adventure lovers. After trekking 3 of the blacktop, tourists leave for Khajjar. After 3 days of trekking, you can see the land that appears in a white sheet covered with snow.Visitors can take part in horse riding, photography and other activities. Due to heavy snowfall, the rivers here get accumulated in the form of ice. Frozen rivers look attractive.Tourists come here with woolen garments only. There is a lot of winter in the summer season too, so the woolen cloth needs to be brought together in every season.

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The Bageshwari Devi

The Bageshwari Devi Temple was constructed in the 11th century which is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Vajreshwari. This temple shows the peak architectural style with its magnificent carvings. The person coming here in one of the two pillars placed outside the temple will get information about the construction of the temple. On the exit of the temple, Goddess Durga is a quadrangle statue, in which the goddess is shown riding a lion. Also in this statue, Lord Vishnu has been shown to the Goddess who has been named Vaikuntha. Apart from these, idols of many other gods and goddesses can also be seen here.


Bansi Gopal Mandir

In Bansi Gopal Mandir, Dalhousie is dedicated to Lord Krishna and his girlfriend Radha. This temple is built in the peak-style architecture of the medieval era. The temple was built in 1595 AD by King Balabhadra. The copper inscription here has been given a lot of information about the temple.According to Hindu beliefs, the entrance to the temple was imposed by sacred, in which several types of metals were carved and carved in the temple. There are also some samples of the idol of the romantic Khajuraho. The idol of Hari Lord is also located nearby.Apart from this, the Darshan of Sun God, Vishnu, and Uma Maheshwar God can also be performed in idol form.

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