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There are many attractions under the Bhatinda tourism that keep tourists busy for many days. Some of the major attractions of Bhatinda include Chetak Park, Dumdama Sahib, Bathinda Lake, Maasir Khana, Zoological Park, Dhobi Bazar and Peer Haji Rattan. Kirtan Place is the place where Takht Sri Damdama Sahib, Bathinda Lake, Rose Garden, Qila Mubarak, Chetak Park, Bathinda Fort, Dhobi Bazaar, Bhatinda Zoological, in the celebration of Gurdwara Haji Rattan, Maiser Khana Temple).
There are many interesting tourist attractions, such as Dalhousie, Dharamsala, and Maqladganj, near Bhatinda, as far as Bhatinda can be reached by just a two-hour journey


Tourist Attraction In Bhatinda


Damdama Sahib is located in the west of Hargobindpur. Here it is believed that Guru Hargobind Ji had rested after the battle of Rohilla. And every year, on the occasion of Baisakhi, a very large fair is organized here, to which visitors come from far and wide to see.

Meser Khan Temple is located 29 kilometers from Bathinda. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga and Jwala Ji. According to folklore, a devotee called Kamala could not fulfill the temple pilgrimage, of which he was full of his penance, due to which Jwala Devi appeared twice in a year. Because of this, there are two fair fairs in a year where lakhs of devotees come in the number of devotees to visit Jwala Ji.

Rose Garden, spread over 10 acres, is famous for having different colors of rose flowers. Due to being near Bathinda, it is a popular picnic spot and here tourists visit the year.

Bathinda Lake is one of the favorite places of tourist, where tourists come to enjoy boating and water scooters. Kashmiri hunters here are the hotspots of the tourist attraction. The greenery of this lake attracts the heart of the people who come here.

Beer pond is located at a distance of 7.2 kilometers from the zoo Bathinda, all the aged tourists come here to roam here. It is home to animals such as sambhar, cheetah, and black deer, besides, the green lawn also attracts tourists.

The park is located in the Cantonment area and popular picnics are also spots, it is an artificial lake, where salon boats can enjoy.

Dhobi Bazar is also called the shopping hub of Bathinda, where there are showrooms of various brands. Tourists can buy clothes, shoe accessories and other essentials at good prices. Apart from this, the Dhobi Bazar is very close to Bathinda, due to which it can be reached from here.

Peer Haji is one of the popular religious places of Ratan's Mazar. According to mythology, Baba Haji Ratan had visited Mecca as the ambassador of King Bhoja. When he returned to India, he stopped and meditated in Bathinda. There is a gurudwara near Mazar, where there is only one wall of mosque and Gurudwara. To see the same religious equality and fairness, tourists come from here far and away.

The zoological park is one of the main attractions of Bathinda, mini-zoo is built as a small forest. There are many species of animals that attract both children and the elderly only. Here, wildlife photographers come from far and wide to capture the beauty here in your camera, for those who want to pass nature sometime away from the bustling city, this place is not less than a Jannat.



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